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Arabic Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design:

The art of applying Henna with different Arabic Mehndi design isn’t something new. It has been known for decades. Some of the benefits of applying mehndi include ease, relief and cooling properties. People living in relatively hotter areas use Mehndi as a remedy and for a soothing effect. Later, applying the mehndi of different designs became a trend or even culture in some areas. Nowadays, there is even an occasion named Mehndi one day before Barat, which is celebrated worldwide widely.

Arabic Mehndi

Talking about different designs, In this era, one of the most famous design is Arabic and Indo Arabic.

Arabic Mehndi Design :

There is a wide range of Arabic designs, but mainly these designs are exquisite and blooming. In Arabic, mehndi designs hand is not fully covered with Mehndi. There are spaces in design due to which the needle is visible. These designs are a mixture of eye-catching and knotty patterns, and these patterns tribute each other so that it turns out in a beautiful design. The specialty of Arabic mehndi is that it is smudged when it is applied. Still, its final look is seen incoherent, so it looks so beautiful in one’s hands and is highly appreciated.


The design seems uniquely beautiful. It has beautiful and elegant patterns. Arabic mehndi designing reveals that without covering each part of the hand with mehndi designing, it can still look beautiful if mehndi is in patches and coherence. It is perfect for girls who prefer minimal designing yet mehndi still stands out to be eye-catching. If we compare Arabic mehndi designs with Pakistani choice of mehndi, it is quite the opposite, As people there prefer hands to be fully covered with mehndi with no gap in designing.

Arabic Stylish Mehndi Designs

But Arabic mehndi is no doubt easiest to apply. It also involves some geometric patterns in its design. It requires less time for an artist to use the mehndi of Arabic design. In the modern era, most brides prefer the Arabic design of mehndi instead of other methods, which are quite heavy.

Here are some Arabic mehndi designs:

Arabic designs of mehndi

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