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Bridal Mehndi Designs 2024

Mehndi design interposed in an extensive number of shapes and designs and has developed significantly
with time. Bridal Mehndi designs include a wide range of patterns, from minimal and simple to bold and complicated designs.

Bride with Mehndi

One example of simple design is Tikka mehndi which is the most simple yet elegant style of mehndi. If we talk about bridal mehndi designs, it is the brides’ personal choice whether she likes hand full of henna or a simple tika with some design on her hands. But it is usually preferred that the hands of the bride be fully covered with mehndi as it is a streak of good luck and a sign of new beginnings.

Tikka Mehndi

Moreover, it is believed that due to the medicinal properties of mehndi and its cooling effect, it is helpful to relieve the stress of the bride. An artist of applying mehndi is invited to apply mehndi on the bride’s hands. In different regions and different cultures, different trends are followed while applying henna to brides hands. In Arab culture, the preference is still a light mehndi with patches. Still, there is asymmetry and coherence, which is followed while applying mehndi.

But let’s talk about Indian and Pakistani brides. They prefer dense and bulky designs that consume many hours and takes much time to complete a design. In most cases, mehndi patterns initiate from the forearm and shield the whole arm and hands. Not only on hands, but mehndi is also applied on the bride’s feet, and both the hands and feet have the same coherence and pattern. The symmetry and neatness is the main thing that makes a mehndi design more beautiful and attractive. Mehndi is an art, and that’s why a person who has the skill to apply mehndi can make such designs that make the hands and feet of the bride look more beautiful and attractive. It is an essential custom, especially in Pakistan and India. No bride can be seen without mehndi on her hands and feet. Many other things are also associated with bridal mehndi that darker the colour. Her husband and in-laws and India, especially these superstitions, are famous and are believed by many people.

Priyanka Chopra wedding mehandi

Mehndi is linked with a streak of luck and hopeful beginnings for the couple. According to some customs, a day before a wedding, an event is celebrated as ‘MEHNDI’. The bride and bridesmaid apply Henna on their hands and feet like a good luck charm. Moreover, it has some soothing effects too. It is considered that it relieves any stress. Both the families celebrate this occasion before the marriage day.

Mehndi Designs:

The family calls a Mehndi artist to apply different mehndi designs on the bride, her friends and family members. These days Arabic and Indo Arabic designs are most famous. That’s why these designs are usually applied to brides hand and feet. In Indian culture, Henna is also represented by names and signs of HINDU GODS, which is considered Shagun for both families and a new beginning for the couple. In some traditions, full names can also be written in such a pattern by mehndi artists that it is difficult to find that specific name in the whole design. In some traditions, it is asked to groom to find his name in the Mehndi design of the bride. In some cultures, the ‘Darker the color of henna ,the more is the bride loved by her husband’. 

Dark mehndi color

Some brides like minimal and straightforward designs for their mehndi. The perfect example of a simple mehndi type is Tikka with some intricate designs only on fingers. At the same time, some prefer hands full of mehndi. Some people also represent their cultures by applying the mehndi design of a particular pattern. Recently, Bakhtawar Bhutto, a very famous political family in Pakistan, applied mehndi of AJRAK design that represented their Sindh culture.

Ajrak type mehndi

Also, the designs of bridal mehndi display the significance of wedding traditions. These days some of the mehndi designs also show the sequence of all the wedding events like the event of baraat is represented with band and Baja, the doli designs and many more. Nowadays, portrait images of the couple are also being incorporated with mehndi designs.

Husband wife design

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