Mendi is nowadays accessible in many colors such as red maroon black; some glittery mehndi is also available in the market. Mostly at weddings, Almost every girl loves mehndi on their hands and on various occasions such as Eid. It has become a trend in some regions to apply mehndi on happy occasions. Artists make different designs of mehndi on girls’ hands. Girls often enjoy the process when mehndi is used, and afterward, they like to show off their mehndi in front of their family and friends.

Girl's Mehndi design

In today’s era, Arabic mehndi design is the most appreciated one. Most brides ask their artists to make an Arabian design on their hand, the unique thing about this design is its coherence as hands are not fully covered with mehndi, but still, it has continuity. Mehndi is like an ornament for women; they wear it as proudly as they wear some piece of expensive jewelry.

In countries like India, girls usually prefer hands full of mehndi. These designs take a lot of time and effort from mehndi artists. 

Some girls also prefer simple designs of mehndi like tikka and dots. These designs are for both sides of one’s hand and usually don’t take much time and energy of an artist. But these designs look pretty well on girls’ hands.

foot mehndi design

Some girls like minimal mehndi designs, which also look great. Such methods are for girls who want to look simple and are not fond of hands full of mehndi.

Some girls also hide the initials of their partner in their mehndi patterns and ask mehndi artists to write it so that it is not visible to their partner. They also play games at their events in which they ask their partner to find their name in their mehndi design.

Mehndi design beautiful

Some girls also like mehndi on their feet. Various designs for feet include tikka, peacock design, simple geometric patterns, and Arabic designs.

Some girls also prefer glitters and beads over their mehndi to make it look prominent; they think it looks more attractive and beautiful.


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