These days mehndi design on boys are popular as modern grooms don’t hesitate to dye their hands with Henna for their bride to be the groom and their friends and close relatives. They also paint their hands with red Henna as a Shagun; the time had gone when Henna was only associated with women. In the present times, in some areas, it somehow has become the tradition. Just as girls, there are various layout for boys, which shows diversity, from simple and traditional to heroic and eye-catching. Moreover, boys pick mehndi design that manifests their personality and captivate their choice and display it to their mehndi artist.

Boys Mehndi


Here are some designs that truly reflect the mehndi design of men nature,

The boy’s mehndi design, the more it is nominal, the more captivating it looks, just as in the image shown above. Some boys prefer the initials of their bride in their mehndi design which truly show their love and affection towards them.

Some boys who like comeliness prefer linear and proportioned curves of geometry in their Henna.

Mehndi design.

As we know, tattoos are everlasting and irreversible, and a person has to bear so much pain to generate a permanent design on the skin. Moreover, this process is haram in Islam. But some people are very keen to create tattoos on their bodies due to their love for certain pattern or character they love. To fulfil their craze, Mehndi is the best and painless alternative which can be generated in a short period and is also remove able, So that you can change designs easily. After their craze is gone for a certain thing, a new method is created easily, as observed that the henna design reflects a certain interest of a person. By painting hands with such a unique design craziness, a person is fulfilled without any pain and no religious hindrance.

Mehndi of boys


 So, by the above discussion, we can say that with time many things have changed regarding Henna, and it is 

not only stick to women, but men are also now applying mehndi on their weddings and to fulfil their tattoo craze.

Boys Mehndi on shoulder

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