Mehndi designs on back hand

                                      Mehndi designs on back hand               

Painting hands with mehndi is an ancient tradition and are known for a long time ago. There are various designs for applying mehndi on the front and the backside of the hands. Girls usually like to adorn their hands with mehndi, but this trend is also getting famous in boys daily.

Back hand mehndi design

If we talk about applying henna on the backside of the hand, it looks ravishing, and it also depends on the type of occasion. If you are a bride, then mehndi should cover both sides of the needle. In events like Eid and other circumstances, it is preferred that whether you like mehndi on the front side or both the sides of the hands.

Generally, there are different and various designs for both the front and back sides of the hand. Bail mehndi designs are usually common to apply on the backside of the hand, and it looks unique. Mostly light and simple mehndi are preferred on the bottom instead of heavy and complex designs. They are usually selected and liked on the front side of the hands.

Simple Back hand mehndi

                As we all know, there are various mehndi trends in different parts of the world. Pakistani and Indian mehndi designs are heavy, so most girls wear mehndi on both sides of the hands in such countries. And mehndi looks good on the back fingers as well, as they make them look attractive. While in the Arabic style of mehndi, minimal and soft mehndi is liked, which usually covers only one side of the hands with unique and different types of fingers.

Mehndi on back hand

 Tikka mehndi design is a common design that looks equally beautiful on both sides of the hands. Initially, front designs of mehndi were more preferred. Still, many new varieties and designs of mehndi were introduced, which look more good on the back of the hands; as shown in the image below is a beautiful design for the back of the hands. As girls are fond of long and beautiful nails, such mehndi designs make their nails look enchanting. And one of the main reasons for liking the backhand mehndi is to enhance the beauty of their nails.

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