Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock Rangoli Design

People make peacock rangoli design because these rangoli designs look beautiful and adorn their houses. As we all know, Peacock is the national bird of India. And when the Peacock opens up its beautiful wings, it manifests happiness, delight and is uplifting. A glimpse of a peacock pilots the joy of a person.

Peacock rangoli.

People usually make peacock designs during special occasions like Diwali, which is also known as the ‘Occasion of Light”. The colorful design of the Peacock is made by using colorful chalks and looks entirely beautiful.
You can merge peacock design with other designs to make it look more beautiful firstly, create circles, and then in between them make Peacock by using colorful powder.

Peacock rangoli
You can also make a peacock rangoli design with a lotus flower design and increase its beauty. It also represents India’s national flower and national bird in one frame, making it attractive and traditional.
Some people don’t have much vacant space in their homes, but they can easily make small peacock designs in their lodge. This design is quite simple but looks beautiful, and beginners also make it quickly as it is not that complicated like other rangoli designs.

Rangoli of peacock

For making Peacock rangoli designs, people mostly use sparkling and spirited colors. These colors are added to the beauty of this rangoli design. Peacock designs with vibrant colors can be a knockout as compared to other designs.
One can also make peacock rangoli designs with dots. By connecting dots, it will end up making a beautiful peacock design. Skills are required to make peacock design with dot technique. It requires effort and is time taking but no doubt such plans are worth it. People usually hire artists to make peacock designs with dot technique.

Peacock of Rangoli design

On occasions like Diwali, people believe in welcoming their Goddess in their homes; they prefer peacock designs rangoli on such events as Peacock is the bird considered to bring happiness and prosperity to one’s house. Some people also believe that all the evils stay away from them if Peacock is present in their homes.
Some people prefer peacock designs as big as their yards. Peacock design with vibrant colors looks mesmerizing.

Rangoli Design Peacock

There are many Rangoli competitions in India. People prefer to make peacock designs to win the match as there are various techniques to make it from very simple to the most complicated one.


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