Simple Kolam Rangoli

Simple Kolam

Simple Kolam Simple Kolam Rangoli comprises of various names in various parts of India. Kolam rangolis are sketched on numerous occasions like on Diwali and Ugadi at the entrance of gates to adorn and decorate the houses. These patterns are the signs of peace, prosperity, and good luck. The colors that are used in making these designs represent the brightness of life. Kolams fascinates well being of the family and are connected with joyfulness and happiness. Such beautiful and attractive designs increase the joy of festivity by enhancing the house's beauty and help prevent the negative vibes away from home.There are various designs and varieties of rangoli kolams. They vary from minimal to complex designs, but each design is unique in its way. One pattern is Flower and Star Kolam, which … [Read more...]

Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock rangoli.

Peacock Rangoli Design People make peacock rangoli design because these rangoli designs look beautiful and adorn their houses. As we all know, Peacock is the national bird of India. And when the Peacock opens up its beautiful wings, it manifests happiness, delight and is uplifting. A glimpse of a peacock pilots the joy of a person.People usually make peacock designs during special occasions like Diwali, which is also known as the 'Occasion of Light". The colorful design of the Peacock is made by using colorful chalks and looks entirely beautiful. You can merge peacock design with other designs to make it look more beautiful firstly, create circles, and then in between them make Peacock by using colorful powder.You can also make a peacock rangoli design with a lotus flower … [Read more...]



TATTOOS : People get tattoos because they think to ink their body is just like purchasing some fine artwork. The tattoo artists get appreciation from tattoo lovers all over the world. People started getting tattooed years ago, and there are many reasons behind this act. Many people do it for healing purposes and as a remembrance of someone special. People usually ink their bodies for four major reasons named as easing, annexing, artwork and trend.For some people, getting tattooed is like some artwork; they wear a tattoo as an ornament. They think that tattoos make their body more attractive. They get a tattoo just for the sake of appreciation from their friends and family. Some people have a tattoo craze to such an extent that they travel from place to place to find exceptional … [Read more...]


Girl's Mehndi design

MEHNDI DESIGN FOR GIRLS : Mendi is nowadays accessible in many colors such as red maroon black; some glittery mehndi is also available in the market. Mostly at weddings, Almost every girl loves mehndi on their hands and on various occasions such as Eid. It has become a trend in some regions to apply mehndi on happy occasions. Artists make different designs of mehndi on girls' hands. Girls often enjoy the process when mehndi is used, and afterward, they like to show off their mehndi in front of their family and friends.In today's era, Arabic mehndi design is the most appreciated one. Most brides ask their artists to make an Arabian design on their hand, the unique thing about this design is its coherence as hands are not fully covered with mehndi, but still, it has continuity. … [Read more...]

Mehndi designs on back hand

Back hand mehndi design

                                      Mehndi designs on back hand                Painting hands with mehndi is an ancient tradition and are known for a long time ago. There are various designs for applying mehndi on the front and the backside of the hands. Girls usually like to adorn their hands with mehndi, but this trend is also getting famous in boys daily.If we talk about applying henna on the backside of the hand, it looks ravishing, and it also depends on the type of occasion. If you are a bride, then mehndi should cover both sides of the needle. In events like Eid and other circumstances, it is preferred that whether you like mehndi on the front side or both the sides of the hands. Generally, there are different and various designs for both the front and back sides of the … [Read more...]