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Simple Mehndi Design 2021

Easy and Simple Mehndi Design Do you remember this old Bollywood song" Mehndi lga k rakhna Doli saja k rakhna.."? Its translation is "Put your Mehndi on, decorate your palanquin," which means your prince would come and take you away with him. Simple mehndi design are most favorite among peoples. Mehndi is the very first step to start a traditional wedding celebration. Some people firmly believe that if your Mehndi is more pigmented, your husband and Mother-in-law will love you a lot, and you would have a happy married life. Some people say that applying mehndi makes your hand beautiful and has a beneficial effect.Do you know where did this tradition of embellishing human skin come? This kind of art is very ancient. The art of drawing different beautiful patterns on hand and feet … [Read more...]