Different Types of Mehndi Designs with Name & Images

Types of Mehndi Designs

Mehndi art ideas were around many centuries ago. It has cooling, healing and medicinal properties. Its main purpose is to decorate hands, arms and feet. Some girls, especially bride-to-be, love to apply Mehndi on legs as well. Henna gives a cooling effect. People living in hot areas put on mehndi for its cooling effect. Mehndi designs became trend ages ago. Since then, women decorate their skin with mehndi on every special occasion, be it marriage, birthdays, parties or any other religious festival. We will discuss here different types of mehndi designs.

Different Mehndi Designs


You can find every kind of Mehndi designs on our website. Just scroll down and enjoy trendy Mehndi designs. Henna is considered as an expression of happiness in many cultures. A lot effort is required for every kind of Mehndi designs be it easy or any other difficult mehndi pattern. Women are so excited about Mehndi when it comes to any celebration. Mehndi is most popular in Asian, Arabian and African cultures, but it has also become popular in western countries in recent years. People living in western countries mostly like tattooed mehndi, which is unique from other mehndi designs. Looking for unique and latest Mehndi Designs? So, we have rounded up various ways of putting on Mehndi designs. You can check out all these amazing designs below. Go Ahead! And scroll down!

Simple Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Simple

These Mehndi Designs are quite easy to apply. Less effort is required to apply these mehndi designs. Such mehndi designs look appropriate on Eid and Diwali festivals. I mean, who doesn’t like simple things? Girls who like to look simple and decent on a special occasion can easily choose these mehndi designs.

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Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic Mehndi design

Arabic Mehndi Designs are drawn in floral patterns. Its patterns are curvy. If you don’t like heavy designs, you can pick up these Arabic designs. Such patterns don’t cover the entire palm. Have a look at these designs.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs


These designs may be floral, leafy, dotted and intricate. There may be some gaps on the palm. You can also cover the whole palm of your hands. Mostly ‘’Tikka Mehndi’’ designs are used in Pakistan. Such designs are made circularly. These designs require a lot of effort.

Indian Mehndi Designs

Indian Mehndi

Indian Mehndi designs are quite complicated, unique and delicate. There are different patterns, and these patterns are merged into one another. Indian Mehndi designs cover the entire hand. These designs require a lot of accuracy and effort.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Bridal Mehndi

Bridal Mehndi Designs vary for different cultures. Arabian brides don’t like heavy Mehndi Designs. While Pakistani and Indian brides mostly love to apply Heavy Mehndi designs on their big day. Bridal designs are symmetrical. We have rounded up various Bridal Designs; you can also choose your favorite designs from our page.

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