We will discuss some simple and easy mehndi designs for people who want to learn how to apply mehndi.

Minimalistic Mehndi Designs :

In this modern age, minimal and straightforward mehndi designs are preferred and liked instead of heavy and complicated designs. The minimal patterns are exquisite and distinctive and are also very quirky. The simple mehndi designs do not need much effort, hard work, and time. They are easy to make, and beginners should always start from the minimal to the complex. Such mehndi patterns are the best choice for women who hardly have time to apply mehndi on their hands and are always busy with their work and stuff. These kinds of designs save their time and enjoy the feel of mehndi. That is why they prefer such patterns for any mehndi event. 

Minimalist Mehndi

Minimal and straightforward types of mehndi have many margins to make distinctive and beautiful designs that are not particular and uncommon.

Finger Mehndi Design.

Finger Mehndi

One of the categories of minimal mehndi designs includes finger mehndi designs. One can either fully cover the fingers with mehndi or just some sort of light design on fingers, and it turns out to be a lovely pattern. It is the best way to start practicing mehndi on fingers because it is one of the easiest ways to learn mehndi. And it has become a new fashion because many girls nowadays don’t like heavy designs. They prefer a simple and elegant design and go for fingers instead of covering full hands with mehndi. It is the glamour and charm of mehndi that everyone can feel usher happiness despite alternative likeness and preference.

Kids Mehndi Designs :

Kids Mehndi

As a beginner, it cannot be easy to apply mehndi on the elder’s hand. A kid’s hand is the perfect canvass for a person who has just started to learn to apply mehndi. One can apply Tikka with some minimal design on fingers like dots and can bring joy to a child’s face who is comparatively more excited to apply mehndi and show off their hands in front of other people.


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