Simple Kolam Rangoli

Simple Kolam

Simple Kolam Rangoli comprises of various names in various parts of India. Kolam rangolis are sketched on numerous occasions like on Diwali and Ugadi at the entrance of gates to adorn and decorate the houses. These patterns are the signs of peace, prosperity, and good luck. The colors that are used in making these designs represent the brightness of life. Kolams fascinates well being of the family and are connected with joyfulness and happiness. Such beautiful and attractive designs increase the joy of festivity by enhancing the house’s beauty and help prevent the negative vibes away from home.

Kolam Rangoli

There are various designs and varieties of rangoli kolams. They vary from minimal to complex designs, but each design is unique in its way. One pattern is Flower and Star Kolam, which is drawn on the events like the new year celebration or Diwali, or any other traditional occasion. In this particular pattern, flowers and stars are made with white powder or rice, and some people also use white chalk or rice paste. It is a straightforward design that covers the full area, and it is square. The uniqueness of this design is that it is beautiful and equally simple, and very easy to make. Every single dot in this design is referring to the respect for the lord of the believers.

Simple Rangoli Kolam

Tamil Nadu, formerly known as Tamilakam, is where the Rangoli style, known as Kolam, first appeared. Essentially, it is a geometric drawing made up of grid-like straight lines, circles, dots, curves, and loops. Various materials, such as powdered limestone, red ochre, dry rice flour, coloured sand, quartz powder, flower petals, and coloured rocks, are used to make designs on the floor or a tabletop.

Rangoli Kolam

Kolam Rangoli dots

Kolam Rangoli Design

Another simple kolam rangoli design is usually made for Pooja. This pattern is made with lotus flowers, and its unique thing is that it is made without the use of colors; hence it is a very simple common design. The use of diyas in this design makes it extraordinarily attractive. A festival known as Pongal is the best opportunity to make this design in which Kalash is the symbol of peace and the palm trees are the symbol of growth. We may use different colors, or only the white color can be used in making this pattern.

Kolam Rangoli flowral
Another simple yet elegant design is the dot kolam designs. The geometrical design and the symmetry and coherence are the unique and vital parts while making this design. Usually, Indian women make such designs to control their anger and to fresh their minds.

Another simple rangoli kolam design is Rangoli Kolam with flowers. That is the best design for beginners. In this pattern, flowers along with leaves are utilized in one size and shape. And the bright colors of flowers calm the mind and relieve the stress.

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Kolam rangoli with flower

Many elegant yet straightforward kolam rangoli designs include Dotted Peacock Kolam, Small Diya Kolam design, Mango design kolam, Traditional Kalash and tree Kolam design, Rose Kolam design, and many more designs are there.
Hence, there is a wide range of simple kolam rangoli designs made in many different areas of India for cultural events.

Kolam rangoli flowers

Simple Kolam with Dots

A kolam design only uses a portion of the dot grid. In this instance, the dot grids are filled or used up by the same pattern or different designs. These patterns frequently combine to form more complicated patterns where strokes separate the dots. They occasionally depict different items, flowers, or animals. Lotus is a pattern in which dots are arranged in a radial pattern.

Simple Kolam with Dots

Single Kolam with 5-Dot

Some people can practise the five-dot rangoli daily in front of the entrance or the puja room. Most Tamil people use 5-dot rangoli to celebrate their New Year and holidays like Diwali. Five dots Rangoli can be created by beginning with the corner and connecting the four dots in the quadrants to resemble a flowers petals. You can create flowers on all of the rangolis sides after finishing the one in the corner. Connect the four flowers before drawing a line inside each one.

Single Kolam with 5-Dot

Pulli Kolam

Compare to regular kolam or rangoli designs, pulli kolam has more scientific elements. The South Indian art form called pulli kolam is stunning. It is a pattern for wealth constructed for thecourtyard and entryway and thought to drive out evil spirits. In the past, South Indian women made it every day by getting up quite early in the morning. But now they are only produced on special occasions. A kolam is a symmetrical design made with dots and geometric designs made from rice flour, but nowadays, they use coloured powders and chalk to save waste.


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