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Simple Rangoli Design 2021 – Rangoli For Diwali

Rangoli Designs

Rangolis Designs are communal in the period of festivities, especially in India. They play an essential part during the festive celebrations in India and are widely celebrated. They have a variety of colors and patterns which differ from one area to another. Rangolis are primarily coherent, which makes them unique and beautiful.

Rangoli design simple


Now we will tell you about rangoli designs with dots. It astonishes us how we can create a large number of coherent designs and patterns by using dots.

Rangoli design with dots

Some designs are easy to make when making Rangoli by connecting dots. While some designs are complicated ones, consistent struggle and tolerance are required in both design types as it is not an easy task to make different patterns by just using colors.


Rangoli with dot


The image above is an example of a complex rangoli design using dots. Loads of grunt work and preserving are needed to complete such a design. You have to practice repeatedly to achieve the results, same as in the picture shown above.

Circle Rangoli

Despite the struggle, most people enjoy working on Rangoli designs and also love the praise and appreciation they get by showing their work to Rangoli lovers on that particular event.

Rangoli dot

This image shown above is a relatively simple Rangoli design using dots. Connecting dots beautifully make this design and finally shaped into a beautiful flower for its viewers, and the color combination complements the design. Such designs are good to go, especially for beginners.

Rangoli for beginers


Many people think that Rangoli’s square shape is very complex and is not easy to make, but we suggest that it is difficult to achieve the targeted design if you work consistently with hard work. Geometric shapes are used to achieve the final result in flowery shape, which is the most common design in making Rangoli using dots.

Rangoli Pen

Rangoli designs are made beautiful because, in Hinduism, it is believed that during the Diwali event, if present on the house’s door, it embraces the people coming to one’s house and the Goddess herself.


Rangoli dot

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