Young girls like to apply mehndi on their little hands as it attracts them, and they enjoy the whole procedure. And if you are a beginner and trying to learn how to apply mehndi, it is the best way to learn mehndi by using different minimal designs on the kid’s hands. Mehndi also looks beautiful on tiny hands and little fingers. And especially on the mehndi event, and Eid is incomplete without mehndi.

Kids Mehndi designs

The festivities like wedding and Eid is completed by mehndi. And these events are enjoyed by children, so mehndi is one of the main elements.
If we talk about kids’ mehndi designs, tikka looks beautiful on small beautiful hands with some fingers. It requires very little effort to apply mehndi on a kids hand and some flowery designs with good filling is a very common henna design that kids love. Young girls are very keen on dressing up with hands full of bangles and with mehndi on their hands bring a beautiful smile on their lovely faces.

Kids mehnddi design

Kids’ mehndi designs differ from that of adult girls in that they prefer mature and complicated mehndi designs that usually take a lot of time. On the other hand, kids like floral and simple dots design that suits their little hands. Mostly cute and simple techniques are applied on kids’ hands with mehndi that make their hands and fingers look adorable. And the best thing about kids’ mehndi designs is that any pattern can be made on their hands within no time, and filling the upper portion of fingers by mehndi makes their whole hand look unique. And this simple and minimal mehndi design cherishes their whole mood and makes them happy.

mehndi on kids hands

Small girls apply mehndi in a competition whose structure is more beautiful, and in this way, kids, mehndi designs have theirs on importance and uniqueness. The Pakistani and Indian mehndi designs are quite difficult, time-consuming, and complex, so Arabic mehndi designs are usually preferred for kids as they are simple and easy to apply.


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