Rangoli on Diwali

Rangoli on Diwali

Rangoli on diwali is a wide spread phenomenon. Diwali festival has a duration of five days. People usually start their preparations by cleaning their homes and shops. People throw all the old and unused stuff from their homes. They also paint their houses to celebrate this occasion. People begin to decorate their houses with all the lightning; candles are present everywhere. Houses are decorated with flowers, and people make Rangoli’s to make it look more beautiful for all the relatives they invited to celebrate this event under one roof.

Happy Rangoli Diwali

In some religions, people think of Rangoli as a sign of luck and happiness. That’s why people decorate their houses with colorful Rangoli’s on Diwali, which is also known as ‘The occasion of Light”. Rangoli designs are of different patterns like rangoli with dots, rangoli with flower design, rangoli peacock design, geometric patterns of rangoli. But most people make Rangoli with symmetric patterns during Diwali as symmetric designs are considered a sign of luck, happiness, and prosperity. Rangoli is regarded as an unworldly placement, and it has several ways to make one.

Diwali rangoli

These days people try to create unique Rangoli and stand out from other Rangoli’s. That’s why during these events like Diwali, people mainly prefer Rangoli artists to make rangoli with more artwork rather than some specific traditional patterns and designs. People make Rangoli on Diwali to welcome not only their relatives but also Goddess Lakshmi.

Dewali dewa rangoli
Some people prefer rangoli same as the size of their entrance. It doesn’t take much time to make such Rangoli’s. But in rural areas, people have houses with big yards. So, they prefer Rangoli’s size as big as their yard.
Rangoli drawn during Diwali has mostly looked alike as people follow a specific theme. A halfway shape usually is the theme that represents the idea of complete Rangoli design. Some people also prefer heavenly designs, and they make Rangoli’s with the body of the Sun, moon, stars, and other astronomical objects.
Lotus shape is also the common one as it represents the Goddess Lakshmi and the dawn of existence.

Rangoli Diwali happiness

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